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Tree Trimming & Tree Removal Service
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You can stop searching for "tree removal near me" in Spotsylvania now because you found Steadfast Tree Care!

We provide tree trimming and removal service to the Spotsylvania County area and our estimates are always free.

Contact our friendly dispatch center 24 hour per day, 7 days per week at (...

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Tree removal is dangerous and really should be completed by professionals. Homeowners who attempt felling a tree on their own may be injured by the tree, faulty equipment, or falling/flying debris.

Some of the common dangers of tree removal include:

1. Decaying wood in a dead (or dying) tree o...

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Summer Tree Care Tips from Steadfast Tree Care of Spotsylvania:

Properly caring for your trees throughout the hot & humid summer months in Virginia results in a happy, healthy landscape.

Tree Trimming: Although most tree pruning should be done during a tree's dormant season, sometimes trees sho...

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We are still providing tree care services to Spotsylvania County during this difficult time. We will practice safe social distancing while working on tree trimming or tree removal projects, and also when communicating with property owners when providing a tree service estimate.

Contact us today ...

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We are under new ownership! Steadfast Tree Care of Spotsylvania provides tree trimming & tree removal services including lot clearing, brush removal, storm clean up, and emergency tree services.

Contact us today to schedule a free tree care estimate.

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8 months ago
Good work trimming trees in my front yard. Will call again when needed.
- Hoang B

Spotsylvania Virginia Tree Services

Tree Trimming Service

Despite the critical importance of trees to your property, we’ve found over the years that when it comes to trimming, the majority of homeowners (especially new ones) have no idea where to start.

Steadfast Tree Care Spotsylvania wants to make sure you can benefit from trees that are healthy, attractive, and present a low level of risk to your home, your family, and even the other trees on your property.

How Often Should You Have Your Trees Trimmed?

We hope it’s clear by now that if you’re not planning to have the trees on your property pruned on a regular basis, you may be opening yourself up to some risk. Most experts recommend an inspection every 3-5 years — this way, trained, certified, and licensed professionals can assess the health and safety of your trees, decide when they need to be pruned, and if needed, handle the process of trimming right then and there.

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

There’s no easy answer for the question of how much a tree service company in your area will charge for trimming — it depends on the size of the job, the number of trees, and other factors. The best way to get started is with a free quote. Contact us today to get started.

Tree Removal Service

There’s no overstating the importance that well-groomed trees can make on your property. Not only can they add a significant amount to the appraised value of your home — up to $10,000, according to some sources — they can save you a bundle on your home’s energy costs and ultimately, they make your neighborhood a better place to live.

With that in mind, many people don’t realize exactly how qualified tree service experts can make an impact on your property. After all, trees need regular care and attention to stay healthy, strong and last a long time on your property — not to mention the potential risks that trees can pose. 

A Certified Tree Service Can Safely Remove a Tree

One of the most important reasons to hire a tree removal company you can trust is also one of the most obvious — in some cases, the stakes of removing a tree are high. Why would you trust anyone to do it unless you’re sure they’re the best for the scenario at hand?

Imagine you have a tree that’s dead on your property, and naturally, you’re looking to have it removed. The difference between choosing an experienced, certified company to do the job and choosing the first company you see could be life-changing. The tree service industry isn’t an “anyone can do it” business, and unfortunately, that applies to many amateur, cut-rate companies in the market.

If you choose a tree cutting company that isn’t prepared to handle the job safely and professionally, consider the possible consequences:

  • Bringing the tree down the wrong way may damage structures and/or vehicles on your own or a neighbor’s property
  • Improper preparation, technique, or insufficient training may put your family or others at risk
  • Damage can cause tens of thousands of dollars of liability that you may be responsible for

What Else Does a Spotsylvania Tree Service Do?

While a qualified tree service near you can be crucial in minimizing the risk and liability associated with a tricky tree removal, people are surprised to find that they’re also able to help with many things that go beyond removal of unwanted or unhealthy trees from your property:

Debris Removal and Storm Cleanup

We’ve already talked about how much of a relief it can be to have a trustworthy tree service on your side after a big storm but storm cleanup is more useful than just in emergency situations. Most tree services offer routine cleanup, debris removal services, and basic storm cleanup for a reasonable fee, giving you the ability to keep your Spotsylvania property looking great at all times.

Lot Clearing and Brush Removal

If you want to put an addition on your home, the first thing you’ll need is a tree company to give you some information on whether trees need to be removed to make it happen, and if so, what the impact on your property could be if trees are removed. If you decide to move forward with the project, the tree service can handle the removal before the building contractor or construction team gets started on the addition.

What Does Certified Tree Removal Cost?

Typically, a qualified Spotsylvania tree service won’t give you an estimate until they get all the details surrounding a job, and that’s the way it should be. After all, every situation is different, and no two jobs are the same. The cost of a removal project depends on the liability involved, as well as the size and number of the trees (and stumps) that need to be removed and hauled away.

When you need an accurate evaluation from a reliable, certified tree removal company, request an estimate from Steadfast Tree Care Spotsylvania and be sure you’re working with a company you can trust.

Tree services available:
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming & Pruning
  • Storm Clean Up
  • Debris Removal
  • Brush Removal
  • Land Clearing
  • Emergency Tree Service

We provide tree services to the following areas in Spotsylvania County:
  • Partlow 22534
  • Spotsylvania 22551
  • Spotsylvania 22553
  • Thornburg 22565

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